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VINEYARD COTTAGES is a travel agency and, in order to be able to practice, it has to apply to the prefecture of Aude for a highly regulated license. It manager had to present rigorous professional and financial guarantees in order to be granted an ATOUT France registration under number IMO11120014.

As a travel agency VINEYARD COTTAGES is a member of APS (Professional Association for solidarity of Tourism). VINEYARD COTTAGES had to lodge a guarantee fund with this guarantee company in order to obtain its travel license. Its role is to protect the customer / consumer in case of failure of the agency.

1° The Guarantee in Services. The Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme (APS) is dedicated to delivering, as a priority, its service guarantee to "customers-consumers" in the form of services directly ordered from a defaulting member. This service guarantee is issued in the form of substitution services similar to or equivalent to those ordered and which are adapted as appropriate to the circumstances or constraints of the emergency. This voluntarist and original system has the advantage of enabling the "customer-consumer" who suffers from the financial failure of the member to carry out or even continue his journey or stay under satisfactory conditions.

2° The Guarantee of the Deposited Funds. When, for purely technical reasons, the Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity (APS) can not provide its service guarantee, it shall reimburse the amount of the deposit paid in the context of the contractual relations established directly between the "customer-consumer" And the defaulting adherent.

Since 1 of January 1997, the Professional Association of Solidarity of Tourism (APS) has unilaterally removed the amount of its reimbursements. The APS guarantee, called "Deposited Funds Guarantee", therefore applies to the total amount of funds deposited by the "customer-consumer". By exceeding the limit of the legal guarantee and by favoring the provision of substitute services, the Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity (APS) goes beyond the legal obligations, showing the will of the professionals grouped within the APS to provide, in the interest of the general interest, additional protection for the benefit of "customers-consumers".

VINEYARD COTTAGES has a professional Civil Liability under agreement number : 86 323 464 with GAN EUROCOURTAGE

FRANCE SWEET VILLAS has a professional Civil Liability under agreement number : 86 323 464 with GAN EUROCOURTAGE

As an online business, VINEYARD COTTAGES, is registered with the CNIL, the National Commission for Technology and Freedom Information which has a right to look at the content of the websites and that ensures compliance with the "net label"


We offer you a multi-risk insurance policy that guarantees you (under the conditions specified and enclosed) for the following cases :
- cancellation before departure,
- loss, theft or deterioration of your luggage (deductible of 30 euros per person),
- repatriation assistance,
- interruption of stay,
- civil liability (deductible of 76 euros per file)

EXCLUSIVE : in the case of a rental shared by several persons and in case of cancellation of one (or several) of them, the refund depend on their share of rent paid.

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